We coordinate various community support and integration groups in person and through virtual platforms. With the participation of more than three hundred women and older adults. It is also a space to hold crucial conversations on domestic violence prevention, wellbeing and mental heath. 

We offer workshops, talks, socializing opportunities.    We believe that our work is necessary since, due to language, cultural and economic barriers many of our community members are made vulnerable.


The and motivation of getting to know our host country and other european countries, has led us to organize this self managed group of women travelers. We not only visit new destinations, we provide space for active listening, prevention of domestic violence, and strengthening of our capacities and rights as migrant women in the United Kingdom.


It is an exchange space for learning English and Spanish. We meet once a week through a virtual platform and in normal times in the King’s Cross area in London. The club has become a social entity that not only promotes the active participation of users in the community, but also generates community life.

Is a social and community online radio program, created to entertain and share current affairs on culture, family and women topics. We seek to generate debate and social awareness in the community. We are a team of women and youth migrants residing in London. Our show is broadcast via our Facebook page, weekly.

Through the practice of organic agriculture, seeks to educate on a way of growing and eating in harmony with our body and the environment. We have been developing this project in a community garden located in the town of Horsham, in the south-east of England, since autumn 2019, and more recently in the Croydon area. The project also allows us to achieve greater social interaction with the local community, thus reinforcing our integration process.

Theater is a way of expressing our feelings, it helps us to integrate and strengthen bonds of union. The group is led by Analia Sánchez, an Argentine actress and director based in London.

“DEJAME IR”  First group’s play. As part of erradicating violence againts women International Day.