Domestic violence hits Ecuadorians in London

By: Marcos Ortíz – The Prisma Multicultural Newspaper

Depression, psychopathological conditions, anxiety, irritability and suicidal tendencies are some of the varied consequences of domestic violence, which are suffered by 42% of the Ecuadorians resident in London who say they feel affected by this type of abuse.

This is reflected in the study “Domestic violence in the Ecuadorian community based in London” carried out between July and September 2016, the results of which have recently been published. The sample included 210 people, whose ages range from 14 to 75 years.

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Helping Ecuador’s Generators Of Change – Q&A With Marisol Urbano

By: Alistair Griffiths / UNRULY

Inspired by her work on International Women’s Day, Unruly sat down with Marisol Urbano, from our facilities staff, to discuss the vital work she does with her organisation the Family Emotional Wellbeing Project (FEWP). At Unruly we believe it’s key to highlight the work being done across our organisation throughout the year – not just on March 8.

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