Is a Non-profit organization created to the development and promotion of mental health in the Latin American community who live in the United Kingdom, irrespective of their country of origin, sex, race and religion. We provided comprehensive assistance aimed at improving their quality of life at the personal, family and social level.


FEWP offers individual and group therapeutic support through a comprehensive intervention, as well as workshops, training and research on prevention strategies aimed at personal, family and social well-being.

An integral part of our work to improve mental health and wellbeing in the Latin American community, is to coordinate various community support and integration groups in person and through virtual platforms.

We provide quality professional care in Spanish, seeking that our community members feel truly listened to and accompanied as they go through difficult moments in their lives. We deeply believe in solidarity as a founding principle of what we do, seeking to empower people to take agency and action.


Spread solidarity to fight hunger and poverty

Help us raise £10,000 pounds in the month of July to be able to supply food to 50 or more families in Ecuador for 6 months.


The obtained results indicate that 42% of the interviewed people confirmed being convinced to have suffered domestic violence. Out of the 42% of the affected population, 23% is female, 18% is male and 1% belongs to other categories. These figures suggest that 4 out of each 10 persons older than 14 years who took part in the survey reported having been victims of domestic