Our Story

In March 2016 following a conference of Women Rights ‘III Foro Internacional de la Mujer’; we decided to come together with a group of volunteers to do a survey in domestic violence of the Ecuadorian community living in London.

Survey ‘ Violencia Doméstica: Estudio de una Comunidad Ecuatoriana residenciada en Londres, Sep 2016’ (Domestic Violence in the Ecuadorian community living in London) . Showing 42% have suffered from domestic violence, including men and women.  Psychological abuse exceeds in 39% in both genders: men and women, 4 out of 10 participants have suffered from psychological abuse.

Due to these results we decided to create a project to tackled domestic violence and mental health. 

In February 2017 we started to organize different workshops to support families from the Latin American community in London. The aim of the workshops is to create a space for psychosocial support and mental health awareness.

In 2018 we registered as Non-profit organization, CIC Registration and since then we have been working in collaboration with the Consulate of Ecuador and other organizations.